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Easy slim

Easy slim

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ü Easy Slim are one of the best and most powerful in slimming, which works to fill appetite and burn fat effectively and within a short period of time

ü Easy Slim is a potent herbal appetite suppressant. It is one of the most powerful natural lotions in the world. It saves you from excess weight, harmful and undesirable in a period of not more than one month and without any symptoms.

v Slimming Capsules Ingredients: -

·       Tut :150 mg

·       Carnitine: 100 mg

·       magic powder over soy: 70 mg

·       sage powder: 70 mg:

·       Lotus powder plant: 70 mg

·       Granada: 30 mg

v Easy Slim capsules: -

·       Contains 100% natural herbs.

·       Contains active molecules.

·       Activates the immune system.

·       It has no side effects yet.

·       Interferes with lipid metabolism and prevents the formation and storage of lipids.

Helps to stabilize slimming without reverting to obesity again because it stimulates metabolic enzymes.

v How to use Slim Easy Capsules:

·       One tablet before breakfast or half an hour after breakfast

·       Two tablets can be taken if the body contains accumulated fat

·       Drink plenty of water during use

·       The box contains 30 tablets for one month or 15 days depending on the method of use

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