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Etumax Royal Honey For Her

Etumax Royal Honey For Her

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Royal Honey for Women: -

 A distinct feminine appearance helps you choose 

 Stimulates sexual behavior, promotes libido with an overflow of vitality.

 About developing herbs around the world and learning the majority of its miraculous ability to treat without side effects as is the case with chemical drugs.

أ Delicious combination of 100% pure honey, boosted by royal food, larva powder, pollen and a combination of rainforest weed and famous herb. This unique combination of honey for women is rich in proteins, amino acids,

 Vitamins, minerals and enzymes that activate metabolism as well as digestive enzymes.

 We added honey as well as royal food, and the larva powder with pollen to help in this vital provide

 Amino acids in addition to vitamins, especially antioxidants.

 Royal honey deals with the following cases:

 Royal honey is equipped with abundant minerals such as phosphorus necessary to build bones and the high number of enzymes, iron to hemoglobin, improves zinc sense of taste and improves zinc and selenium sexual susceptibility

 Many Malaysian girls and women resort to the famous Kajib Fatima herb to enhance the female appearance and rejuvenate after birth.

 The herb rainforests are female hormonal properties of estrogens where the herb regulates the receptors of these hormones in the causative cells

Enhance the appearance of the female and the construction of excess tissue vital and thus prevent the wrinkles of the skin due to aging and reduce breast weakness knows many women Fatima laxative reduces menstrual pain due to relaxation of convulsions as used to tighten the muscles of the uterus after birth

 Ingredients of Royal Honey: -

 0.8 mg: Fatima herb fame

 0.6 mg: royal food

 0.2 mg: pollen dust

 mg: Larva powder

 17,4 mg: pure honey

 How to use :-

Text of the circumstance before intercourse with an hour is used every two days


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