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Vital Honey VIP

Vital Honey VIP

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 Vital honey VIP

Vital honey for men VIP where the strength and hardness and integrated food for young and old, where delay ejaculation and maintain the performance of strong and distinct sexual Prolonging the period of intercourse and erection with increased sense of euphoria arousing lust and sexual feelings gives self-confidence and desire to repeat activity

                                                                                                                                                             The contents of vital honey VIP 

Mountain honey 96%

caviar powder 1.5%
the tonect root at 1.5%
Cinnamon powder 1%
According to studies conducted by Japanese scientists
That about 55% of men suffer from the symptoms of ED in various types, whether the elderly or young, where the study classified patients with sexual weakness into two categories

 First class elder
The elderly suffer from weakness in the production of fertility hormone estrogen "and damage to the nerves and cells as a result of age, in addition to several diseases such as diabetes, pressure and cholesterol, which lead to curb and reduce sexual performance and therefore inability to exercise their masculine naturally and referred to through
Erectile dysfunction due to cell destruction especially after the age of five and forty
                The lack of sexual desire, if any, does not have the ability to translate it into reality
The ease of being subjected to bad psychological setbacks turns into a type of depression that is established for many other diseases 
Second: youth catego
Studies have shown that about 60% of young people suffer from dysfunction in terms of sexual performance characteristic "and here to refer to sexual dysfunction only, but disorders sexual performance such as slowness and lack of euphoria or numbness in their sexual senses," these symptoms appear alarming through several indicators the most important
Ejaculation speed due to the vitality of youth and rapid response to the effects of women
Shorten the period of sexual intercourse with the lack of orgasm, which leaves the psychological impact of the parties bad
The problem, which is no less important than its predecessors, is that many young people have the required sexual abilities but suffer from a lack of sexual desire and lack of desire, especially after a long period of marriage
VIP Why the product got a recipe
Caviar is one of the richest natural sources of omega-3 and phosphorus, and a vast array of minerals, proteins and amino acids needed for metabolism and cell metabolism. These qualities have earned him a large group of people interested in the vitality and health of their bodies, both sexual and physical. They are called "fertile people" because of their keen interest in their vitality and especially in terms of nationality. Japan ranks among the top conservation countries in terms of natural bioenergy sources, which provide them with a significant The most important of these sources sturgeon which produces the best types of caviar globally and which form the seas of Japan an ideal environment for the growth and reproduction of sturgeon. But it is because of the high price and availability of only certain seasons or packaged "which is not desirable for the professionals to eat caviar" was the race between the major research centers to create a scientific method of scientific help to preserve it without prejudice to its therapeutic and nutritional benefits and the benefits to include a large category of those interested in this wealth of food where The Japanese Center and Unique succeeded in inventing a scientific method to convert caviar from a perishable material into an effective material that lasts for several years while maintaining its full properties. In our role in Malaysian company we added caviar in our new form of honey honey product to give the best C in support of sexual capacity in men
Ingredients and method of preparation
Due to the sensitivity and speed of the caviar As mentioned, a group of Japanese scientists specializing in bio-food science invented a unique and innovative way to preserve the properties of caviar food with easy storage by drying caviar sturgeon eggs in the process of clouds, a process is somewhat complex dried Caviar By exposing it to a temperature produced by a certain type of light under special conditions for several days and after cooling with dry air is milled with special machines designed for this purpose with fiber glass to maintain the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of caviar, and support the sexual and physical abilities in men.
Where the company invested this innovation and the integration of "caviar powder" in precise scientific proportions with the "pure mountain honey" and add a concentrated extract of "roots of Tonkat Ali" Malaysian herb known for its ability to support and improve male activity and sexual desire in men as well as extract " And the volatile oil for the senses that support the cells with the energy necessary for the metabolism in. The company puts its innovative and unique product completely in the hands of its customers, without any preservatives
Category I "Seniors"
They stimulate sexual desire and turn it into a real vital action that strengthens erections in the elderly without the feeling of weakness enhances self-confidence through long-term sexual performance increases the secretion of the hormone "testosterone" to give a sense of strength works to reduce the problems of the prostate and genital tract lesions when the man pulls the body and gives The sense of vitality, mental purity and active memory supports the body cells with the amino acids and minerals necessary for the metabolism
Regulates metabolism in cells thanks to its high content of omega
Category II "Youth"
Delay the ejaculation and maintain a strong sexual performance and lengthens the period of sexual intercourse and erection with an increased sense of euphoria arousing lust and sexual feelings in the young self-confidence and the desire to repeat sexual activity without exhaustion maintains an excellent pace of sexual performance during sexual intercourse improves and increases the quality and quantity of sperm increases Energy stimulates mental and muscular activity and activates blood circulation contributes to the process of metabolism and thus subtract toxins and waste from the body
 Method of use
The text of the circumstances shall be taken before intercourse with an hour, with regard to drinking

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