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ü The royal honey is intended to provide marital happiness and strengthen the relationship between spouses

ü Pure honey, a combination of rain forest herb extracts, Tonkat  Ali and Genzenk, a natural and fast source of energy

 Royal Honey: -

ü Roots contain the active substance Ginsenoside (where the active ingredient to support the ability and potential and promote activity and recommended this herb safe for sexual weakness and low fertility) and the proportion of extract Hawi 8%

ü Provides a distinct sexual activity and promotes metabolism to build body tissues, muscles and biceps

ü Promotes blood circulation, prevents aging and strengthens memory and mental activity

ü Contains the root extract of Banks Ginseng (the Greek word panx means healing, a nutritional and therapeutic effect of wasting and sexual weakness and an energy source and to treat loss of sexual desire and stress.

ü It promotes sex and treats premature ejaculation to prevent inactivity and aging•

 Honey provides energy to your body witha •distinct build and a manly appearance

Rich in proteins, basic acids, antioxidants, •enzymes, enzymes and minerals

ü Contains Eureka Long folia root extract (works to increase the total and total male hormone and pituitary gland testicles and thus provides our extract sexual desire with the flow ofallergies through the activation of the central nervous system)

 Royal honey treats the following cases:

Erectile dysfunction, shortness of intercourse, weakness of sexual pleasure and orgasm, lack or lack of fertilization, weakness of semen and decreased, avoid sexual intercourse and lack of repetition, feeling exhausted after intercourse, wasting body and weak bone structure Interferes with lipid metabolism and prevents the formation and storage of lipids.

                             Helps to stabilize slimming without reverting to obesity again because it   

             stimulates metabolic enzymes.

 Ingredients of royal honey: -

200 mg: Eureka Long folia root extract

200 mg: Ginseng's root extract

200 mg: Larva powder

19.4 mg: pure honey

Contraindications: -

The text of the envelope is used before intercourse for an hour and the other half is placed in the refrigerator away from the high temperature

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royal honey VIP

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